December Cultural Exchange Event Ideas

Holiday Events

holiday events

The holiday season is here! Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to sponsor or host a cultural exchange event.

holiday events

Here are a few of AAG’s Holiday Events Recommendations:

1.) Host a Dessert Bash – All you need to do is determine a location, send an Evite and encourage your staff to bring their favorite sweets.  Click here for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Holiday Desserts Recipes.

2.) Create an International Holiday Card Campaign – Does your organization distribute holiday to your key clients or guests? If so, maybe this is a perfect opportunity to create an international Holiday Card Campaign. You could invite you international staff to sign a holiday card to send home to their family or friends. This could be the perfect time to talk and share about holiday customs and traditions in their home country. In addition, it will bring brand awareness and pride to those that receive a Holiday Card!

3.) Organize a Holiday Caroling Volunteer Outing – Most of our local hospitals, or nursing homes need support is promoting the holiday spirit.  Just give them a call and see if there is a need for very diverse caroling group. For additional tips for caroling in your local neighborhood click here: Holiday Caroling

holiday events


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