Australia's World Class Food and Wine

It’s Fresh, Organic, Artisanal and Bountiful

Australia’s World Class Food and Wine
Most first time visitors to Australia go for the expected reasons. They want to pet a kangaroo, visit the Outback, and find Nemo. But exit surveys by Tourism Australia show that when they leave, what they’re raving about is the food and the wine.

In fact visitors from China, US, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK and South Korea rank Australia their top food and wine destination in the world. This seems surprising considering that 74 percent of people who’ve never visited the Land Down Under didn’t even know food and wine was a thing in Australia.

Oh…but it is. (more…)

Want to Live and Work Abroad?

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work abroad

Work Abroad: Five Reasons to Get a Job Before You Get There

It’s a romantic idea to don your backpack and go abroad, finding work when you can and moving on when you’re ready. It becomes a lot less romantic when you’re spending every day in your exotic destination filling out job applications and watching your money melt away. The fact is, when you take off for a place like Australia, you’re competing for jobs with up to half a million other backpackers and another half a million high school graduates (they call them school leavers in Australia). That’s one reason it’s so much better to have a job before you get there.

1) You’re competing with about a million other people: Unless your skill set and credentials are off the charts, by Australian standards, you could spend a lot of your time away job hunting—that’s not fun no matter where you are. If you work with someone like Alliance Abroad Group, you already rise to the top of the stack of resumes because organizations like ours have agreements with employers to prescreen applicants and send employers the cream of the crop. Also, employers save a certain number of spots for AAG employees.

2) Desperation Leads to Bad Choices: From the comfort of home, you can evaluate offers. Restaurant has a shady reputation? No thanks. They’re offering you a week of unpaid work just to “try you out?” No thanks. They’re going to pay you in cash but you’re not to tell anyone you work there? What’s that about? They have 16 hour shifts? That’s illegal. If you’ve spent weeks looking for a job and you’re running low on cash, you might say “I’ll take it” to something you’d never consider otherwise.

There are plenty of great resorts, hotels and restaurants that not only pay really well (try around $21 an hour) but also will build your resume. These are the ones AAG works with. So before you leave home, you have a contract that explains exactly what you’ll be doing, what your hours will be and what you’ll get paid. This will also make your parents happy.

3) Having a Job Gives You Instant Community: Employment tends to be less hierarchical in Australia than it is in the U.S. After work, you, your co-workers, and your bosses may all go out for a game of Aussie Rules football or a pint. Being a lone wanderer in a foreign country is great in the short term, but really becoming part of the community with locals who can show you the best parts of the country makes the whole experience richer.

4) Having a Job Leaves You Time for the Sexier Parts of International Travel: And no, we’re not talking about sex. We’re talking about making friends students from France or Russia or China at your new job; planning weekends in the outback or snorkeling adventures that you can actually afford, because you have a job. We’re talking about getting a little bit Aussified, and learning expressions like “Dinky-di” and which form of “Bluey” someone means in a sentence. There’s plenty of time for the kind of serendipitous, hair-raising adventures travelers love to collect, but job hunting isn’t really one of them.

5) Having a Job Shifts You From Surviving to Savoring: Once you have a job you can find a place to live. If you work through AAG we can help you with that, and even find you roommates from other countries to enrich your experience. Once you have a job, you can learn the local public transportation system, start planning your day trips, check out your local supermarket, find your favorite coffee shop.

Life and work abroad is a huge adventure, but it can be stressful not knowing what to expect from one day to the next. Having a job first strips a lot of the stress, leaving only the excitement of discovery.

International Chefs: Australia Beckons

international chefs

You can be an international chef anywhere

So why not in the Land Down Under?

It’s not all meat pies and Vegemite, mate. Australians and the six million tourists who visit each year have a passion for world class cuisine. In fact, Tourism Australia has made Food and Wine a major focus in its last campaign. So you could be part of a movement!

But Australia, which has a fairly small population, needs more great chefs to provide fabulous dishes for natives and visitors alike. The opportunity here is huge! And don’t forget the opportunity for gorgeous beaches, fabulous snorkeling in coral reefs, rugged interiors, abundant sunshine, and incredibly friendly people.

And instead of employment hurdles and red tape, the Aussie government has smoothed the way for international chefs, creating several paths to employment. The most popular of these is the 457 visa, a visa with a relatively quick process time and with a range of benefits both for the visa holder and his or her partner and children– if they have them. To get a 457 visa, applicants need to have a secured job and their employer needs to apply on their behalf.

Another option is the General Skilled Migration Visa (GSM) visa- which doesn’t rely on having a job upfront and is a great option for those who prefer to get the visa first.

Whichever path you pick, one thing is for sure: as an international chef you will be highly sought after and have the opportunity to forge a great career and lifestyle in Australia.

Interested in applying to work as an international Chef in Australia?


Oskar Arevalo - Le Cordon Bleu Alumnus

Oskar Arevalo

My Australian Work Experience

Oskar ArevaloBy Oscar Arevalo

I am loving life in Oz! I live right in the middle of the Central Business District in Sydney, the largest city in Australia cooking food at a five star hotel for the best pay I have ever had by far.

The Work Experience Australia program has given me the opportunity to travel overseas and experience working in a foreign country in a way I could not have done on my own. Furthermore, I have seen the steps required to move to another continent and find employment. As I understand it, the majority of the jobs found for participants in the program are at major brand hotels. Working in a hotel has given me extremely valuable experience, especially in large-scale banquet service. The pay in Australia is so, so good; its very tempting to work the whole time, but the Visa is work and “holiday” and I would urge all participants to travel and have a real holiday for at least a portion of the visit.


Living Abroad is the Best Preparation for Career Success

living abroad

by Victoria Lynden

This summer, Alliance Abroad will send thousands of students from the U.S. and other countries to work in Australia. And when they return, simply by virtue of having lived abroad, they’ll be more creative, more innovative, better able to devise solutions to problems than they would have been otherwise. Or, for that matter, than their fellow classmates who stayed home, according to a lot of recent academic research. With a global economy driven by innovation, they’ll be primed for career success.

living abroadProfessor Adam Galinsky and William Maddux of the Kellogg School of Management conducted creativity tests on people who had lived abroad vs. those who hadn’t. Their research, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, showed ones who lived abroad were better problem solvers and demonstrated more creative insight than the other students. The researchers theorized that’s partly because they had to adapt to a different culture. In fact, when asked to share stories of their time abroad, at the same time students who hadn’t traveled recounted stories of some other learning experience in a new place, the travelers were far more creative after the exercise…as evidenced, apparently, by their ability to draw cooler space aliens. But that’s not the point. The point might be that when students were asked to negotiate a solution between a buyer and seller with incompatible price points, the ones who had lived abroad were better able to negotiate a solution that worked. And if there’s anything that helps with career success, it’s being able to negotiate.

Students who have lived abroad are far better prepared for a global, multi-cultural business world. I’ll grant you that Australians speak English, which makes the transition easier for native English speakers. But their culture and way of communicating is different. For example, Americans tend to share how hard they worked to get something done in order to gain appreciation. Australians are more likely to de-emphasize the work they did, to gain appreciation by showing how easy it was for them to accomplish it. These and other differences force students to stop and think consciously about the way they operate with people of other cultures, rather than just accepting that the American way is the “right” way.

Living abroad fosters a sense of independence and adaptability, and prepares students to take on challenges they might not otherwise have approached. According to the Graduate Management Admission Test site, employers look for candidates with international experience for that very reason.

Finally, I’ve talked to hundreds of these students when they’ve returned from a summer in Australia. Their lives were transformed. They had made new friends and discovered things about themselves and their capabilities and passions they might never have discovered in the comfort of their own culture and geography.

I can’t wait to hear the stories from this summer of living abroad.

living abroad

Australia's Food and Wine Trends 2014

Food and Wine Trends 2014

Australia’s key food trends for 2014

Written by Jill Dupleix – food columnist, restaurant critic, author of 16 cookbooks and editor of The Sydney Morning Herald Good Café Guide.

Australia may be “down under”, but it’s right on top of the food trends on the global agenda for 2014. Restaurants from Perth to Parramatta have quinoa and kale on the menu. We’re dusting off our granny aprons and pickling, preserving, jamming and marmalading, smoking and curing. We’re fermenting everything that moves. We’re loving bowls of Japanese ramen noodles and rolls of Vietnamese rice paper and prawns. We’re into meatballs (from Mexican to Moroccan), flavoured salts, smoked chillies and anything served small-plate, share-plate and planked. We’re artisanal, modern Jewish, traditional Italian, spicy Sichuan, Middle Eastern and farmer’s market-fresh, all at once. Our cafes are cold-dripping small-batch, single-origin coffee and, yes, our baristas have beards. (more…)

Aussies Do Not Drink Fosters

By Ash Jurberg, Australian Native and Beer Connoisseur


Whenever I’m overseas and drinking beer (which is quite often) and people find out I’m Aussie they always ask why I’m not drinking Fosters. I choke on my beer and explain to them that Aussies DO NOT DRINK FOSTERS. I’ve never seen it happen. It doesn’t happen. No true blue dinky di Aussie will ever voluntarily drink a Fosters. If I had been crawling through the desert on hands and knees for a week, severely dehydrated and a Fosters appeared in front of me, I would shake my head and continue on in the hope of another drop. (more…)

Australia Events Internship Program


Contact: Andrew Miller
Tel: 512-904-1115


Australia Events Internships now available with major music, sporting, cultural, arts events, festivals and more.

Austin, Texas, 04 March 2014 As many college and university students have already made spring break plans, even more are thinking about what to do for the summer months ahead, which usually includes working to earn money and gain experience. Alliance Abroad launches a new program where young Americans eligible for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia can now apply for a full-time paid internship for events being held in Australia.

The events industry is the fastest growing sector of the world leisure industry. As it asserts itself as a dynamic, knowledge led and cultural profession, it needs the world’s creative and organizational talent. This is a great opportunity to tune into the very latest trends in an industry worth $17 billion to the Aussie economy. Employers are seeking international experience in creative and communications industries. As an Event Industry Expert, I can attest to the fact that having a strong global network and building the confidence that comes from experiencing overseas culture will give you a unique competitive edge.
Dr. Jon Hopwood, Former Program Leader of Event Management at Greenwich University, London and Member of the International Special Events Society (ISES) Australia

We are thrilled to add this exciting program to our ever increasing portfolio. Our list of quality employers keep growing and when we identified a niche to continue fostering cross-cultural relationships and in the first-rate events industry in Australia, in particularly Melbourne, we jumped at the chance to do this. Our point of difference is that we’ll be focusing on amazing paid internships in the most livable city in the world. The demand for this is already phenomenal and the support has been tremendous.
Ash Jurberg, Director of Alliance Abroad International.

Alliance Abroad’s Paid Internships vary in Australia Events Management, Communications, Business and Operations, Visual Art & Design, and more for various major events, festivals, and conferences. These internships are conveniently available year round, with the specific events participants will be interning for being subject to season. While Alliance Abroad is focusing on opportunities in Melbourne (Australian Open, Grand Prix Formula One, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Big Day Out Music Festival, to name a few), the world’s most livable city for the last 3 years in a row and the Australian Event Capital, there are plans to continue expanding into other Australian cities to provide even more opportunities for event management students and young professionals to gain invaluable knowledge working for some of the best events and event companies in the world.

For more information, visit: Australia Events Internships.

Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) has been the leader of international recruitment for over 20 years. Since 1992, they’ve successfully matched more than 100,000 international candidates with many of the world’s leading tourism, event and hospitality companies.

Australia Events



Contact: Andrew Miller
Tel: 512-904-1115

With Tourism Australia and its state tourism bodies focus in 2014 on showcasing the regions Food and Wine, Austin-based cultural exchange company Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) has partnered with Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ), Air New Zealand and Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts to offer one lucky student the opportunity of a lifetime.

Launched January 22nd at the Austin campus, the roadshow kick started with a culinary information session designed to educate students on the cuisine and wine that Australia offers. Alliance Abroad is well known for its Work Abroad program that places American culinary students and professionals in a kitchen at a high-end resort or hotel in Australia working alongside well-respected culinary professionals. Many students across the US have taken this opportunity and numbers already this year are 212% up in 2013 – an increase attributed to the increased recognition of Australia as a destination to gain invaluable work experience in the Culinary Arts.

Australian native Ash Jurberg, Director of Work Experience Australia, taking attendees through a virtual tour of Australia said, “Not only has there been an increase desire by American students to come and work and learn in Australia but also a request for talented Americans cooks and chefs by Australian employers. Previously there was a focus on European trained chefs but over the last 12-18 months I have noticed a considerable shift in thinking and Australian chefs are specifically requesting to work with Americans. Now to be able to work so closely with Le Cordon Bleu to further this global training opportunity is exciting”

It is very exciting to be able to offer our students an opportunity to add international experience to their resume by working in the culinary industry in Australia for their externship or a seasonal job.”
Steve Smith, LCB Austin President

My time working in Sydney as a Chef has been really useful in adding to my repertoire in the kitchen and it has provided me with a chance to expand on my training and become a more creative chef.
Oskar, former Le Cordon Bleu-Austin student working in Australia as a Chef

In addition to learning about Australian food and enjoying an Australian wine tasting, students were excited to hear about the launch of a competition for culinary students and young professionals – An Australian Cuisine Cook-Off. Students are being asked to prepare an Australian dish of their choice and explain why they have chosen the dish. The prize is a 6-month job placement working as a chef at a resort in North Queensland, return airfares to Cairns from the U.S. with Air New Zealand, and an adventure package from Tourism Tropical North Queensland containing such adrenaline filled activities as a bungee jump, skydive, hot air balloon ride, reef cruise and much more.

“I’m very interested in seeing the entries and what uniquely Aussie dishes these American students can develop. There were many great ideas being discussed after the launch and I’m looking forward to the judging,” Ash commented.

Alliance Abroad Group continued the Australian Food & Wine Roadshow at Le Cordon Bleu’s Dallas campus on February 3rd, and is scheduling visits to the other fourteen campuses.

Win a Job in Tropical North Queensland

Australian Cuisine Cook-Off Contest!

tropical north queensland


In a combined effort to encourage visitors to travel and work in beautiful Tropical North Queensland, Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) has partnered with Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ) and Air New Zealand (ANZ) to award one lucky American Culinary Arts/Hospitality student or professional aged 18-30 an amazing prize that places them in the Cairns & Great Barrier Reef region working for a luxury resort with free access to an exciting adventure package. Read Press Release here: Australia Targeting American Culinary Students

The Prize:

tropical north queensland contest

  • FREE 6-month job placement in Northern Queensland
  • Airfare from the US to Cairns with Air New Zealand (flight is valid from an Air NZ gateway only)
  • 3 nights accommodation upon arrival
  • Bungy Jump
  • Reef Cruise
  • Scenic Railway
  • Sky Dive
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Minjin Swing
  • And much more!


This contest is being held for American culinary arts/hospitality students or professionals aged 18-30 years old
(must be 
eligible for Australian Working Holiday Visa 462).(residents of New York, Rhode Island, & Florida are excluded from contest)

Watch some entries here:

How to Enter:

Tropical North Queensland

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you need to prepare any Australian dish and submit a short 2 minute video explaining why it’s Australian to you. Be creative! Have fun! Show off your skills in the kitchen! Videos should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or another publicly hosted website and the video link needs to be attached and submitted with the form below. All video submissions will be posted on the Alliance Abroad Work Experience Australia Facebook page and will be judged by an Australian Chef. One person will be chosen to win the package above. Submission deadline is midnight April 30, 2014 CDT.

Fill Out the Form to Submit Entry

  • In order to work as a Chef for a resort in Queensland, you will need to have experience. Please upload your resume for our reference

Any questions about the contest may be submitted to

Proud Partners with:
air new zealandtropical north queensland


*Job is a 6-month placement for a Queensland Resort. Job function determined by contest winner’s experience. Employer and placement time frame is subject to season and winner availability. Contest winner must fulfill 6-month employer contract. Prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash and portions may be withdrawn at any time (residents of New York, Rhode Island, & Florida are ineligible for this contest). See full program Terms & Conditions

tropical north queensland

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