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23 Sep

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Thato Khasuli’s story reminds us why we do what we do and why we believe in the higher purpose of our work. Though Thato’s tale is his own, in many ways he represents hundreds of thousands of young people around the globe – people with high hopes and taller obstacles. His is a story of perseverance and a testament to the power of the human spirit. His journey from a small township in South Africa to a resort town in New Hampshire gives us all reasons to believe that dreams can and do come true. One leap of faith and years of hard work set Thato on an incredible journey half way around the world that has been marked by lessons, friendships, insights and self-discovery.

In his own words, Thato tells his tale in this video about wanting, working, believing, praying and ultimately achieving.

Follow Thato on our blog as we continue to follow his journey that he hopes will serve as an inspiration for countless youths and businesses around the world.

Thato’s story will be shared at the World Youth Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) in Belgrade Serbia, September 20-23. We think his tale is remarkable enough to be recognized by the WYSE as Most Extraordinary Experience and it’s made the short list of contenders.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Chef Art Estrada's Work Experience Australia

Art EstradaArt Estrada is a young chef with a big and engaging personality. His enthusiasm and laughter is contagious and as we interview him, we can’t help laughing and joining in on his merriment and joy for all things baking.

Estrada recalls that his favorite thing to do whilst growing up was baking. Unlike other boys his age, he wasn’t found outside making mud pies, instead he was often discovered in the kitchen making a mess with bowls of sugar and flour.


How to Work the Holidays in Australia

Many of you are probably like me – most of your holidays have been spent the same, with family and friends in your hometown. I grew up in Iowa, so mine were filled with farm-tastic fun. Seriously, they were really fun. However – my most memorable holidays are the few I spent abroad when I was in college. That Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will forever stand out in my mind. I vividly remember what I did, whom I was with…and I know I always will.


Donald Carroll's Work Experience Australia

Donald Carroll

Here at Alliance Abroad Group we love to talk to our current and past Work Experience Australia participants to learn about the program from their point of view. We ask them about their travels and their experiences with us, and how we can work to improve our program. We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Donald Carroll who is just finishing up his 12-month program in Australia.

24-year old Donald grew up in Chicago; and is a 2011 graduate of a Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management program. He has worked as a chef in Yellowstone National Park, Montana and before joining our program at a Cold Region Testing Facility in Alaska. (more…)

Housing in Australia

Housing in Australia

Where will I live? Is housing provided? Do you just drop me off in the middle of the outback? Are Outback Steakhouses just called Steakhouses in Australia?

These are a few questions we hear at AAG when we talk to applicants about the Work Experience Australia. Well not the Outback Steakhouse question, but it is still a very good question.


Working for the weekend

♫ Everybody’s working for the weekend ♫
Don’t you just love that song from the 80’s?

working for the weekendNo…of course you don’t, you’re not a 9-5’er. You don’t work Monday through Friday and take two days off to relax and unwind. You’re not working for the weekend. You’re a server, a chef or a bartender and you know that the weekend is your busy time. Your office is a hot kitchen or crowded restaurant and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

We don’t have to tell you that the life of a hospitality worker is a lot different than most other industries. You live tip to tip, ticket to ticket, and your shift usually isn’t over until last call. (more…)

Winter is Coming

As we say goodbye to summer and slowly trudge into fall a few things become clear: soon we will see cooler temperatures, shorter days, and we will have to come to grips with the harsh reality that winter is coming. Now unless you live and work at a ski resort or think that shoveling is the best cardio workout you can get for free then you will probably agree: winter sucks! (more…)

Food and Beverage Attendant: I Still Have to do My Side Work

food and beverage jobs

Whether you work the lunch shift, dinner shift, or a dreaded double, you know that the money you take home depends entirely on the people you are serving and how generous they feel. You can be the best server at your restaurant and you still have no way of knowing how much money you are going to leave with. (And don’t even get us started on pooling tips! Why should you have to share your hard earned money with someone who doesn’t know the difference between ranch and blue cheese dressing?) After 10% to the bar staff, 10% to the bussers what’s left for you? (more…)

Australia’s a Great Training Ground for Workplace Readiness

workplace readiness

Employers all over the world are complaining that recent graduates just aren’t ready for the workplace. According to a 2013 survey by textbook company Chegg, conducted by Harris International, employers say graduates don’t know how to prioritize, don’t know how to talk to clients or superiors and don’t know how to make decisions. Employers are frustrated and graduates are finding themselves in over their heads and drowning. One solution they might want to investigate: Send these students to Australia. No, not because Australia used to be a penal colony, but because Australia’s work culture is a great training ground for students and new grads to learn to quickly make themselves valuable team members. (more…)

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