Baristas Needed in Australia

Positions: Baristas (experience required)
Pay: $17-$22/hr (up to 40-hour work weeks)
Start Date: April/May 2014
Duration: 6 to 12 months
Location: Sydney (other locations available throughout the year)

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Are you a Barista with heavy volume experience? Do you know 15 to 20 different kinds of coffee? Do you want to take your skills and passion for coffee to Australia?

If you answered yes to the questions above and meet the Australian Work & Holiday visa requirements, then we can have you in the land down under creating delicious, caffeinated beverages for the beautiful people of Australia.


The baristas we are looking for will need little training beyond specifics of equipment and beans used, and the shop’s preferences. Beyond preparation, baristas may assist customers in selecting the beverage or beans, gauging or learning a customer’s preferences.

Beyond the preparation of espresso (and other beverages) and general bartending skills (interaction with customers, handling and scheduling orders, etc.), skilled baristas will have acquired knowledge of the entire process of coffee to effectively prepare a desired cup of coffee, similar to how a sommelier is familiar with the entire process of wine making and consumption. This knowledge includes the correct operation, maintenance and programming of the machine, grinding and tamping methods, extraction times, water temperature and quality, micro milk frothing, free pouring, latte art, roasting, coffee plant cultivation, drying methods, correct storage, renewable methods of disposal, recycling of the coffee and packaging used. Whether you have acquired these skills by attending barista training, or learned on the job, we want to place you in Australia to work and live for 6 months.


Baristas Down Under

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