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31 Jul

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1431226395Every child has the right to a proper education, and Austin2India is working hard to make this a reality.

Based in Austin, TX Austin2India is a not for profit organization working towards a fundraising goal of $20,000 to aide in the building of a new education center for tribal children in the remote village of Awalkheda.

Austin2India has partnered with Aseema Charitable Trust, a Mumbai-based non-governmental organization with a mission to equip children from marginalized communities with high quality, and value-based education, enabling development of their limitless potential.

Nutritious meals are offered on a daily basis and health camps are organized as required. Aseema’s team of Social Workers also liaise with the communities of our children and work closely with their parents to create home environments that promote learning. In addition, Aseema’s schools have facilities for remedial education and counseling. Professional psychologists address children’s emotional difficulties and teachers are equipped to address challenges faced in the classroom. Aseema’s children in these schools have been faring well at the State Board examinations and our alumni are now enrolled in reputed colleges.

For more information on this great cause please visit their website, Like them on Facebook and please consider donating to this wonderful cause.

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