April Cultural Events Ideas

April Cultural Events

As you may know, Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 through worldwide events that demonstrate support for environmental protection. This is a great opportunity to sponsor or host a cultural exchange event.

Here are a few of AAG’s recommendations:


Cultural Events Ideas1) Head to the Movies – For the past six years DisneyNature has produced documentary about nature and premiered them on Earth Day. This year the movie is Bears, a story of two mother bears and their cubs for a year. It’s a story that displays incredible hardships of the life of a bear. 

Need another reason to go? If you see the movie during opening week DisneyNature will donate a portion of the proceeds to help protect our National Parks.

Click here for the official trailer


Cultural Events Ideas2) Go on a Hike – What a great way for your international students to experience your local community. Not only does this promote good exercise but also helps relieve stress.  There are hundreds of hiking websites on the internet to help plan your event.

Trails.com trail finders allows you to search by popular national park, state park and city trails near you.



Cultural Events Ideas3) Go Wild & Visit a Zoo –   Visiting a zoo is a wonderful opportunity to discover the animals that we share our planet with and learn about their habits and habitats. You learn a lot about conservation through talks and signs about the zoo. The best thing is that your visit is helping with the conservation efforts being made, you’re supporting the zoo who is working so hard to protect and breed endangered species.

This is also a wonderful way to learn about a participant’s native language. Ask what they call a particular animal in their country.

Find a zoo near you


Click here for a history of Earth Day
April Cultural Events Ideas
Please send your cultural exchange event summaries or questions to culturalinfo@allianceabroad.com.

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