Anchorage Inn - Host Company Spotlight

Burlington, Vermont

anchorage innOn behalf of the AAG Team, we wanted to take a moment and highlight one of our dedicated Host Companies – Anchorage Inn in Burlington, Vermont. At times, especially when the international participant first arrives, they may experience culture shock. As you may well know, culture shock can be present during the first several weeks of participants’ arrival in the U.S. Symptoms of culture shock include extreme shyness, loneliness, or expressing feelings of being overwhelmed by the new environment. Anchorage Inn representative Shanna Swem was very perceptive with one of her participants who was exhibiting culture shock and stepped right in.

Shanna coordinated a special day just for this participant. It included the participant’s first trip to Denny’s were she had her very first pancakes—multi-grain with pecans and topped with bananas. The participant had an additional challenge of being diabetic and had been feeling overwhelmed with what foods were okay to eat when there were so many unfamiliar food options. After Denny’s they went shopping at the local farmer’s market, where her participant had an informal opportunity to ask lots of questions, especially about the right foods to eat! The afternoon ended with homemade lasagna rolls and whoopee pies for dessert.

The next day Shanna could see a change in her and a little extra bounce in her step. All it took was some one on one time and a personal connection to help this participant feel comfortable in her new community. Special thanks to Shanna with Anchorage Inn for taking the time to share the local culture and provide some undivided attention to her international participant. It made her feel at home and changed her program experience in such a positive way.

Company: Sisters & Brothers Investment Group, Inc. – Anchorage Inn
AAG Business Partner: Since 2013
Location: Burlington, VT 05401
Website: http://www.anchorageinnvt.com/

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