AAG Participants Volunteer in LA

Participants Volunteer

International Participants Volunteer and Give Back to Local Community

Participants VolunteerOn May 3, AAG and our international overseas partner hosted a participant volunteer event in Los Angeles. We partnered with Food Forward, an organization that rescues fresh local produce that would otherwise go to waste, connects this abundance with people in need, and inspires others to do the same.

Food Forward has recovered a total of 2,091,284 pounds of food; 100% of excess fruits and vegetables were donated to local direct service agencies to feed the community’s most vulnerable.  Our international volunteers convened at a private property to pick oranges in Beverly Hills.

One participant shared with us her gratitude for the event:

Home Country: Korea
Intern Program: Active in USA

Hello ~ !!

This is Hyosun.kim or you can call me Vanessa. I was so happy last Saturday May 3, 2014, thank you so much! When I was picking up oranges, I almost burst into tears. I was thinking to myself ” WOW, I’m picking up oranges in USA and not just in USA but in “Beverly hills!” I was very moved by your invitation to pick up oranges and it will be the memory of my life. Also The Griffith Park was such a great place, I love it there.

Since I don’t own a car, I thought the Beverly Hills was way too far for me to go; but, because of your program I was able to go and had awesome time on Saturday. I loved this activity more cause of the people I was with. Clair from AAG was super nice and friendly I would like to thank her once again. Also, Sun Lee from ICCE was humorous and passionate about this program. I was very satisfied with this activity that AAG and ICCE has created for us interns.

I hope there is an another activity soon!

*P.S. hopefully something soon since I’m leaving to go back to Korea in Dec. 2014.
Thank you so much! <3

Learn how you can get involved with Food Forward:


Participants Volunteer

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